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Arrangements is a short story that features two prominent characters from my upcoming series The Barbarian. The first book in the series, On Their Own, is slated for release in June. As I developed Pottle and Marsa I realized I needed a bit more backstory than what I wanted to include in the novel. Their relationship is common one, I think, but that doesn't make it any eaiser to capture on paper. So, I wrote this short story to help me understand them.

The Alderman

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He promised the families riches; he promised them a place in in history -- but he didn't tell them what it would cost. Seven desperate families offer up their sons to the Alderman of Cantoc, just as he asked. He sent them on a mission across the dangerous Endle Mountains, to Blue Vein. Then from there, to the war-torn city of Chalk. Only would return, and for a reward the Alderman imprisions him.

The Alderman is a frank look at the callousness of man, the corruption power and the determination of loved ones.

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I just realized that there are about 18 books in the End of the Third Age Saga I want to write. It's a bunch of seperate series that taken together tell a bigger story.


Just finished the first revision pass. It's my best work yet. I wanted something that reminded me of the rivetting page turning books by Katherine Kurtz. I think I did her justice.


Yup, it not only turned into a novel, it's a series. There's a lot of story to tell about Pottle. I didn't realize just who he was until I started writing about him.


It's official, the novella I set out to write turned into a novel. I'm not sure yet where this is going to go, but it needs more space than what I previously afforded it.


The River Goddess backstory was so much fun that I think I'll write about that as a short work after I finish this book about the Tempest and the Selters.


Well, my intention to write a quaint novella has gone awry. It's turning into a novel. The map below is the part of the Waning where it takes place.


I started dabbling with a story about the Tempest getting a cup of coffee. It's set just before the Dead Wars, during a stretch when he was disengaged from much of the world.