Creating World Creation

I began creating Endleland in summer 1993 by accident. I was running a Dungeon’s & Dragons campaign that was set in Greyhawk. I had the maps and loved them. But everytime I cracked the books, the storylines didn’t match what I wanted. So, I set out to rewrite them to my liking. This lasted for about 2 years until I just kept bumping up against a continent that didn’t mesh with my ideas. The peoples I invented didn’t make sense in that world. By 1998 I gave up and decided to create my own world. From scratch. Mind you, at that time I wasn’t writing fantasy. I just wanted a setting for D&D.

This blog-series is the reference I wish I had when I started out on this endeavor. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a world for writing, role-playing, or just fun, this series will raise things I found important to consider.



Episode 1

You want to build a world. Let's talk about where to start. This entry helps you articulate what reason you're building your world.

A Note on D&D vs d&d

From this point on, I’ll refer to my Dungeons & Dragons play as d&d, lower case d’s. Why? Because like everyone who plays these games, we have our own home rules. And these home rules change fundamental bits of the official game to suit our style of play. And while we still make use of the core set of rules, we’ve catered them so much that to call it by the official name is misleading.