The Darker Path

capital letter T

he Tempest warned Pottle. He told him as plainly as he could:

"Because you’re going to die, either tonight in a very quick fashion at the hands of the half-elf or in a year’s time, in the worst possible way. And I want you to know that, so that you can make this choice and relieve me of the guilt of knowing."

The Darker Path series tells the tale of Pottle's great sacrifice. How without that sacrifice, Endleland would be doomed to an eternal darkness. Pottle has several chances to deviate from that Dark Path, but at each turn he stays commited.

There are no songs to honor all that Pottle sacrificed. To the historians of Endleland, he remains nothing more than that caricature in the book of prophesy written by the Tempest, The Cross-Eyed Mage. The Barbarian. The simple boy from the hinterlands. The primitive boy who fumbles his way through trials and tribulations. But those who walked that Darker Path with him, they know differently. They know a truth no one else knows. And even that truth isn't the whole story. Only the Tempest knows the whole story.

On Their Own

Book 1

The riverfolk of Selter Valley are facing their biggest crisis yet. Just then a vagrant, who turns out to be the mythical Tempest, arrives and offers Pottle Selter a grave choice: Die before dawn or live another year only to face a worth death.