On Their Own


CS Henley



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or several generations the riverfolk of Selter Valley had lived outside the reach of the Shire Reeve. It was a remote place, surrounded by dangers on all sides. Trolls to the north and west. The nomads from the Steppes to the south and east. The Shire Reeve to the far south. And they were soon to learn that their greatest dangers lie within.

In the midst of this crisis the youngest Selter, Pottle, is given a choice by a vagrant. A choice that will set Pottle on a path that changes the course of history in Endleland.

Author's Notes

This book introduces The Tempest and Pottle and sets the stage for how the Dead Wars come to be. Pottle has always been one of my favorite characters. He first came into being during a Dungeon's and Dragons session back in the 1990s. Not only did I like him (I was the DM) but so did the players.

Pottle was a 2nd edition Barbarian, which is how he earned his nickname in the Tempest's seminal work, (The Cross-Eyed Mage). For those of you unfamiliar with Dungeon's and Dragons, I have a blog post that explains a little about the game and how it impacted my writing here.

word count67,997
SeriesBook One of The Darker Path
available formatsMOBI (kindle)
Publication Date5 May 2018
Sold By Gumroad
Published By Gooseberry Publishing
ebook ISBN0-9887279-3-5
paperback ISBN0-9887279-2-7